[Game Update] - 356816

Release Date: 07/30/2019

Update Information:


Hey Grifters!

This update adds a new boss, and some new cards! See if you can be the first to beat the mighty Drusk! 

  • Added a new boss - The Drusk! This is a random alt for the Shroog fight. Probably needs some balance work.
  • Added three new combo cards: Reversal, Size Up and Specialty
  • Bounty Hunter now costs 1 action, and the bounty argument has reduced resolve.
  • Add back bleed damage to surrender/death preview.
  • Fixed description on scorched_earth_plus2 to include the animosity.
  • Fixed cases where hired party members would immediately leave you.
  • Move prayer_of_hesh to EVENT.BEGIN_TURN, so that all modifiers have already run their BeginTurn handler and removed any composure. Fixes composure bestowed by prayer_of_hesh being immediately removed depending on order of modifier evaluation.
  • Added animated skies to all outdoor plaxes
  • Reworked Cynotrainer. Discard is no longer random and plus2 upgrade lets you choose the card to buff. Also supports multiple buffs and multiple cards.
  • Ipso Facto no longer Expends.  Upgrade option to Flexible Facto, which is cost 1 playable.
  • Fix a couple of quest edge cases that would leave you with extra party members or leave you stuck.

The update is uploading as I post this. Make sure you check the rev number when go to play.


The Drusk shows up instead of the Shroog 50% of the time, so it might be a bit tricky to test it out. There is a fight tester built into the game if you boot it up with the --debug in the commandline parameters. It's not the most user-friendly thing in the world, but you're welcome to try it out! 

Debug mode adds a bunch of options to the start menu, and you can access the command console by pressing ctrl+~

Debug mode is, of course, not officially supported, so expect bugs!


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