[Game Update] - 1154

Release Date: 05/28/20

Update Information:

Update 1.1.54 (Xbox One)

Update Notes for Patch 1.1.54 (QoL Update):

  • Added a new Compendium section to the main menu.
  • Survivors now have a favorite food, which provides extra nourishment when eaten. Each survivor’s favorite food can be found in the Compendium.
  • Added Beards skins.
  • Add more information to the character select screen:
    • Starting Health, Hunger, and Sanity.
    • Starting equipment.
    • Odds of Survival, this is intended to help new players make better decisions.
  • Added Sculpting Table Figures for Toadstool, Bee Queen, Klaus, Antlion and Ancient Fuelweaver.
  • Revamped the Item Collection screen to display the cast of survivors.
  • Removed the special item ingredient from a number of the sculpting figures.
  • Adjusted the recipes for the Insulated Pack and Marble Suit.
  • Increased the Thulecite Club's durability.
  • Bernie is now shown on the map screen.
  • One of each Marble Sculpture is now guaranteed.
  • Added Unravel Duplicates option to The Curio Loom.
  • Fixed a crash on the Crab King when it has 5 yellow gems.
  • Fixed various issues with Dark Sword skins while mounted on a Beefalo.

Check out the Don't Starve Together - May QOL Update post for more details.

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