[Game Update] - 1141

Release Date: 11/13/19

Update Information:

Update 1.1.41 (Xbox One)

- Fixed some music not playing correctly, including boss-specific and sailing themes. Music should also have better continuity in split-screen games.
- Hallowed Nights Trinkets: Worlds with 15 or fewer Hallowed Nights Trinkets will get retrofitted with a new set of trinkets. This is to support worlds that took part in Hallowed Nights in 2018. As a side effect, all worlds will get the retrofitting if it meets the above criteria.
- Spider Dens will now grow properly again.
- Wurt’s voice is better mixed. Her Pose, Hurt, Talk sounds are at a similar level.
- Fixed a rare crash while using an Anchor.
- Fixed a save/load bug with boat leaks (were controllers would be able to inspect previously repaired leaks)
- The following items no longer sink in the ocean: Ancient Key, Beach Toy, Candy Bag, Deer Antler, Fireflies, Golden Belt, Stag Antler, Torch, Wood Fence, and Wood Gate.
- Adjusted the Merm and Loyal Merm Guard attack frame to match their animation.
- Fixed a crash with the Merm Guards if the King dies.
- Fixed a crash on load with the Merm King.
- Removed watersplash on anchor when placed on land.
- Potential Merm kings will still show their hat now.
- Wurt no longer dislikes Catcoons.
- Merms no longer accept cooked fish.
- Wurt no longer has her stats restored when creating a king or going in/out of the caves.
- Using the deconstruction staff on the Royal Tapestry no longer crashes the game on load.
- The one man band now recruits Merms as well.
- Steeped Lunar Essence will no longer cause some creatures to get stuck.
- Saplings transformed by the Steeped Lunar Essence will no longer revert to regular Saplings when the world is re-loaded.
- Merm and Merm guards will react to epic screeching.
- Fixed a crash when Wurt’s stats are updating.
- Fixed a clothing issue with wimpy Wolfgang’s torso.
- Fixed an issue with Wickerbottom’s Bewitching Boots.
- Using the Deconstruction Staff on a non occupied carpet should no longer kill the Merm King.
- Merms should no longer attack Chester if Wurt or a disguised character is carrying the Eyebone.
- Fixed a health losing issue with Wurt returning from the caves.
- Merm King will talk more about being hungry.
- Merm King won’t spawn guards when fed.
- Fixed some Merm speech if they eat food off the ground.
- Wurt’s stat syncing between caves and the surface is now percentage based rather than hard numbers.
- Wurt now has the proper skin set when respawning from a ghost.
- Merm Guard’s made immune to epic screeching (Not regular Merm, Guards have more grit).
- Fixed farm plots breaking when crop is mutated with Steeped Lunar Essence.
- Fixed Steeped Lunar Essence forcing stategraph states of target.

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