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[Game Update] - 255

Release Date: 09/16/22

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 2.55 - 09/16/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Fixed time not passing correctly when all players are in the caves.
  • Abigail will no longer trigger spider webbing.
    • Abigail will no longer try to move around the webbing and will now float right across it.
  • Splumonkey Pod Monkeys will now drop their equipment when going back into their homes.
  • Merm and Merm Guard AI changed to give more room to their leader and to not run away when a player tries giving the Merm something.
    • Lower loyal Merms will be less inclined to respect personal space.
  • Frozen Lavae will now count as dead at the time they are frozen instead of after they thaw.
    • This stops an unfun timing window with the Dragonfly in the fight when the Dragonfly is put to sleep.
  • Fixed Merms not eating food when they are sitting on a Royal Tapestry.
  • Fixed Frogs spawned from Tumbleweeds being angry at Merms.
  • Fixed Splumonkey Pod Monkeys not returning to their home on a warning of an earthquake.
  • Fixed Splumonkey Pod Monkeys not evacuating their home when the home is set on fire.
  • Fixed Guest of Walter's Honor hair/hat.
  • Fixed an image artifacting bug with UI images.
  • Fixed an idle animation bug.
  • Fixed invisible baby beefalo hooves.

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