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[Game Update] - 164

Release Date: 10/24/19

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Update 1.64 - 10/24/2019 (PlayStation 4)

Hey everyone! Today we are launching Wurt and Hallowed Nights!

The cold wind howls. Trees stand tall and bare, their skeletal branches silhouetted against a broken moon. Gather close children, for these are the Hallowed Nights when ghouls and monsters come out to play… and something has started watching our Survivors from the fog.

Being a young and impressionable merm, Wurt has grown quite fascinated by the Survivors and their strange ways. Bucking the usual merm tradition of simply stomping anything new and strange into the ground, she has decided to venture outside her cozy swamp to learn more about these odd scale-less beings. Perhaps this will be the start of a new chapter in Survivor-merm relations...

Update Notes:

  • Wurt might be a fish out of water, but she's found herself right at home among the other Survivors! Wurt is a curious young Merm trying to expand her horizons… as long as those horizons don’t extend into Pig territory.
  • Wurt can spot where danger is hiding in the swamp.
  • Wurt can craft the Royal Tapestry and make a home for the Merm King and his Guards.
  • Wurt can craft Merm Houses and Merm Flort-ifications.
  • Wurt moves faster while on the swamp and can craft tiles to expand her turf.
  • Wurt is a vegetarian with a particular appreciation for Durians.
  • Wurt can craft a Clever Disguise to get other survivors to blend in with her swamp friends.
  • Wurt likes to keep Pet Fish in her inventory.
  • Wurt strongly dislikes Pigs.
  • Being wet does not affect Wurt's strong grip.

Wurt can be unlocked in the following ways:

  • The Complete Hallowed Nights Chest, for $19.99.
  • The Wurt Deluxe Chest is $9.99 and includes the Guest of Honor, Triumphant and Abyssal skin sets.
  • You can weave Wurt for 2700 spool. 

Additional Update Notes:

  • Start of Hallowed Nights.
  • Added a new retrofitting pass for worlds that have under 5 Cookie Cutter spawners or under 20 Salt Formations.
  • Improved how boat collisions are resolved.
  • Fossil Fragments no longer sink in the ocean.
  • Music volume increased for most musical cues.

More information about Wurt and Hollowed Nights can be found here: 

Till next time! 

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