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Don't Starve Together Update 1.58 - 9/17/2019 (PlayStation 4)

- Fixed players being disconnected when trying to enter the caves on other servers.
- Weregoose can now walk on water. (Be warned that Woodie will drown immediately if he reverts to human form over water).
- Minor increase to Werebeaver’s digging and mining strength.
- Increased Weremoose’s damage reduction to 90%.
- All of Woodie’s were-forms can now last up to half a day.
- Increased the grace period between actions before Were-meter starts speeding up.
- Reduced food stat penalties for Woodie’s consumable Idols (now equivalent to eating a single Monster Meat).
- Further reduced sanity drain while in were-form.
- Fixed Woodie’s missing mullet when chopping.
- Woodie has a 50% higher chance to spawn Poison Birchnut Trees.
- Werebeaver no longer spawns Treeguards and Poison Birchnut Trees.
- Woodie can now view the Map while transformed.
- Fixed crash when Woodie transforms while mounted.
- Fixed bug with Jellybean buff multiplying whenever Woodie transforms.
- Fixed bug with Garlic Spiced food buff calculations in Weremoose form.
- Fixed bug where Woodie would still be forced to transform after sleeping through the entire night of full moon.
- Fixed various animation bugs with Woodie skins.
- Fixed animation bugs with Rustic Cabin skin for Pig Houses.
- Boat health will no longer be shown when pressing the right stick while on land.
- Kelp is now easier to place.

NOTE: The update is currently live on PS4 and is currently with Microsoft for certification, we hope to have it live on Xbox One as soon as it passes cert.

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