[Game Update] - 154

Release Date: 07/25/19

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Update 1.54 - 7/25/2019 (PlayStation 4)

A ship has dashed upon the shores of the island and our survivors have recovered a new member to add to their team; Warly! Armed with a variety of rare ingredients and fancy cookware, Warly can't wait to spice up the lives of his newfound taste testers... er, friends, with a full-course dinner of brand new meals and invigorating spices.

Here are his details:

- Warly can craft a Chef Pouch, which is a small backpack that also helps to preserve food items a little bit longer.
- Warly can craft a Portable Crock Pot, Portable Grinding Mill, and Portable Seasoning Station, usable only by him.
- The Portable Crock Pot cooks 25% faster and includes new exclusive dishes with unique bonuses and effects.
- The Portable Grinding Mill can be used to craft a variety of seasoning powders.
- The Portable Seasoning Station combines a prepared dish with seasoning powder to add bonus effects to the food.
- Warly has an increased max hunger of 250, but it decreases 20% faster than other characters.
- Warly can only eat prepared dishes from a Crock Pot.
- Warly remembers the dishes he ate for up to two days and will enjoy them less every time they are repeated.
- Added new vegetables, available to all characters: Toma Root, Potato, Asparagus, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic.
- Added several new Crock Pot recipes, available to all characters.
- Increased Insulated Pack size from 6 to 8 slots.
- Added a new custom idle animation for Willow when holding Bernie.
- Added a new custom idle animation for Winona.
- Updated the Wardrobe Popup Screen.

Warly is available for free for all DST players.
The Warly Deluxe Wardrobe is $7.99 and includes Warly's Roseate, Victorian and Trawler skin sets.


What's next?

Next on the list of Character Refreshes is somebody we think many of you are going to be excited about. We are having a bunch of fun with this one and we hope you enjoy Woodie when his refresh comes to DST early September. 

NOTE: The update is currently live on PS4 and Steam, but slightly delayed by Microsoft due to an issue on their end that they are working on. It shouldn't take too long to resolve. 

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