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[Game Update] - 148

Release Date: 05/13/19

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 1.48 - 5/13/2019 (PlayStation 4)


- Willow's fuel perk now applies to Night Lights.
- Updated Willow’s perk strings in the character selection screen.
- There can only be one active BERNIE! per Willow player, but they can now activate near each other.
- Using a Deconstruction Staff on a G.E.M.erator will now drop available gems, similar to hammering.
- Using a Deconstruction Staff on a Gobbler, Varg, or Pig Shrine will now drop available offerings.
- Unlocked Kingly, Queenly, and Pawn Figure Sketches will now be properly included in Tumbleweed drop tables.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed visual effects for Cursed Sterling Lighter and thurible.
- Fixed missing item names in the inventory bar.
- Fixed bug where Wortox did not properly collect Souls while frozen.
- Fixed crash when Souls timeout off-screen.
- Fixed alignment of some casted lights (e.g. Torch and Lighter flames).
- Fixed some combat targeting bugs for BERNIE!
- Fixed bug where Willow’s freeze resist changes after she dies and resurrects.
- Fixed animation bug when Willow is electrocuted while using The Forlorn Doll skin.
- Fixed string names for Driving Gloves.
- Fixed moonwalking Bernie.

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