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[Game Update] - 111

Release Date: 01/15/17

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 1.11 - 16/01/2017  (PlayStation 4)

  • Winter's Feast has drawn to a close. ¬†Thanks for playing!
  • Added save data backup to restore save files if they become corrupted
  • Added a button for the Rescue action, to help stuck players get unstuck
  • Added the Actions menu to the Social Wheel; it was previously accessible through the player listing sceen
  • Fixed a crash when using a wormhole while wearing certain clothing items
  • Fixed a problem where co-op games hang when trying to connect to a server
  • Fixed the moon phase not showing in co-op games
  • Fixed awarding of achievement for defeating the bearger
  • Fixed a problem where the first player's controls would become unresponsive if they joined a server while the "Disconnected" popup was still on screen
  • Fixed a problem with split screen character select layout when using a non-default character skin
  • Fixed behaviour of the Collection screen in Offline mode

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