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[Game Update] - 564067

Release Date: 07/06/23

Update Information:

The next DST beta test update is live now. The main feature of this update is adding skill trees to three more of the Survivors: Wolfgang, Wormwood and Woodie. 

Go here to see how to enter the beta branch on steam if you have not done that before.


  • Wolfgang Skill Tree added
  • Wormwood Skill Tree added
  • Woodie Skill Tree added
  • Survivors can now craft large Support Pillars to create areas safe from quake debris.
  • Equipment forged from the Brightsmithy and Shadowcraft Plinth can now be repaired using specific repair kits.  When they reach a fully broken state, they can no longer be equipped until repaired.
  • Equipment changes:
    • Umbralla can now be activated on the ground to generate an area of effect rain barrier.  Please note that acid rain does not heal the Umbralla while it is activated like this.
    • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer provide acid rain immunity.
    • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer drain sanity when equipped.
    • Ramping shadow planar damage buff now only requires equipping Void Cowl instead of the full set.
    • Void Robe now blocks negative sanity auras (e.g. from monsters or other scary objects).
    • Brightshade weapon buffs now only require equipping Brightshade Helm instead of the full set.
    • Brightshade Helm now prevents Charlie attacks when standing in darkness.
    • Brightshade Armor now has minor damage reflection.
    • Dreadstone Armor and Dreadstone Helm no longer drain sanity when not self-repairing.

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