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[Game Update] - 560308

Release Date: 06/07/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Acid Rain’s damage to waterproofing items has decreased.
  • Players are protected from Acid Rain when wearing Void Cowl or Void Robe.
  • Bats in Acid Rain will now have a chance to drop Nitre.
  • Earthquake boulders will no longer spawn over structures.
  • Added a popup confirmation to trigger the offering to the Beckoning Hand.
  • Starting the Charlie cutscene now forces the Ancient Gateway to finish its destabilization process immediately.
  • The Rift can now be inspected.
  • Added sounds for when the Rift expands.
  • Added sounds for the Charlie cutscene and Beckoning Hand.
  • Shadow Reaper whispers to players that have Shadow Affinity.
  • Player faces no longer show when equipping Void Cowl.
    • Please note that while we would’ve loved to make this work, it is too complicated at this time to fix the layering issues as well as have it work with every skin in the game.
  • Slightly reduced health of winged Ink Blight and slightly increased health of horned Ink Blight.
  • Increased Dark Tatters drop rate from Ink Blights.
  • Reduced Dark Tatters cost for crafting Umbralla.
  • Dreadstone Wall blueprint is now guaranteed to drop.
  • Added Nightmare Werepig Figure and Nightmare Werepig Sketch.
  • Added Brightshade Shoevel to the Food & Gardening crafting filter.
  • Added a Settings option to disable Scrapbook Alerts.
  • Added a button to clear all “new” Scrapbook entries.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing death strings for Miasma and Acid Rain.
  • Added missing crafting description for Brightshade Shoevel.
  • Fixed Shadow Reaper being able to harvest things other than plants.
  • Removed some items from the Scrapbook that are left over from Single Player Don’t Starve.
  • Added some missing items to the Scrapbook.
  • Fixed the “summer” insulating info in the Scrapbook.
  • Fixed a case where the Scrapbook would not remember seeing a thing if the player did not click on the entry.
  • Fixed Woodie’s Idols missing the character’s avatar icon in the Scrapbook.
  • Woodie is no longer slowed by Miasma while in wereform.
  • Fixed Beckoning Hand spawning when Ancient Fuelweaver disappears off-screen.
  • Earthquake boulders will no longer spawn in areas it should not, like the Archives.
  • Fixed being able to sit on tables, plates, vases, etc.
  • Shadowcraft Plinth will no longer be remembered by players for crafting.
  • Fixed an errant sound when picking up gems.
  • Fixed the Void set bonus stacking repeatedly when switching Void Cowls.
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting a Moleworm while it was burrowing and some other cases.
  • Fixed Merms, Pigs, Bunnymen, and other workers getting stuck trying to work when interrupted right as they start working.
  • Ink Blights will properly deaggro from hidden players, e.g. using Snurtle Shell Armor.
  • Fixed bug where Resting Horror may appear immediately when a new chair is crafted.
  • Fixed various animation bugs with players sitting on chairs.
  • Fixed certain red parts of Ink Blights not showing in the dark.
  • Fixed animation loops for all Ink Blights.
  • Fixed a crash with Wigfrid attacking the winged Ink Blight.
  • Fixed a crash when typing special characters into the Scrapbook search bar.

Notes for Modders

  • Modded characters will add scrapbook progression by defaulting back to Wilson when inspecting things.
  • inst.highlightoverride has been added to set a fallback for when players hover their cursors over the target prefab.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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