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[Game Update] - 555166

Release Date: 05/01/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Lunar Rifts will now try very hard to spawn outside of base areas.
  • Mushrooms added to world regrowth.
    • World settings to come at a later time.
  • Wagstaff’s face and goggles are now HD to match the body.
  • Added a signature to the signed 10th year anniversary vignette.

Bug Fixes

  • Wagstaff will no longer stick around after defeating the Celestial Champion if rifts are already open or if they are turned off through world settings.
  • Fixed Mushrooms not saving their growth time correctly.
  • Fixed Mushrooms being able to be picked up when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a crash with Terrorclaws trying to attach itself to a boat.
  • Fixed a crash with Brightshade Vines being hit.
  • Fixed herd members forming herds too quickly making multiple herds next to each other.
  • Fixed a sound on the Brightshades when they entangle a plant.
  • Added check cases for custom worldgen presets missing fields to stop a game crash on startup with certain mods.
  • Fixed insanity sound effects playing over each other going in and out of lunacy areas.
  • Punching bags will no longer have their damage indicators grow in size while idle.
  • Burnt small trees will no longer have a small thin white line on it when zoomed out.
  • Lunar tree saplings will no longer have a small white pixel floating off in the distance.

Skin Fixes

  • Verdant skins
    • Wurt’s will have the correct ghost skin.
    • Wurt’s tail will have matching colouring.
    • Wanda’s will have the clock hands move depending on age.
    • Wanda’s will no longer have an invisible chin during her youth.
    • Willow’s has had its lips colour adjusted.
    • Willow’s hair has had a stray bit of art removed.
    • Wormwood’s eyes will no longer have white speckles around it.
    • Wormwood’s will have correct leaf colours when blooming.
    • Wormwood’s will have the correct ghost skin.
    • Wormwood’s will show the missing flow when pointing up when bloomed.
    • Wormwood’s hands will be the same shade as the other leaves in the skin.
    • Wickerbottom’s arms will no longer morph into her Lunar skin’s in certain poses.
    • Wickerbottom’s body piece will show the correct rendering order for the torso.
  • Nouveau Club Portrait’s selection icon will now show up.
  • Wilson’s Barber big portrait will have the proper tint relative to other big portraits.

Notes for Modders

  • Mods have been slowed down for polling to check for updates from the platform’s workshop when idle on a mods panel or server creation screen. If you are actively uploading a mod and want to see immediate results go out and in of the main menu to force another query.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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