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[Game Update] - 553504

Release Date: 04/18/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Deadly Brightshades and Tunneling Vines no longer hit walls.
  • Changed Brightshade Shovel to Brightshade Shoevel (combination shovel/hoe tool).
  • Brightshade equipment set bonus changes (wearing both Armor and Helm):
    • Brightshade melee weapons gain 10% base damage and +5 planar damage
    • Brightshade Staff bounces 7 times (5 times without set bonus)
  • Loading worlds where the Celestial Champion was killed already will start the Rift cycle without having to defeat the boss another time.
  • Lunar Grazers no longer target players wearing equipment with Gestalt protection (Brightshade Armor/Helm or Enlightened Crown).
  • The area around the Rift now triggers Enlightenment.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed plants in farm plots not being a target for Deadly Brightshades.
  • Fixed a case where a Lunar Rift would not finish closing when they were off screen.
  • Brightshade Vines will no longer go across small gaps of water.
  • Bone Armor shield will deflect Planar damage as well.
  • Lunar Rift will despawn properly if saved just after releasing a final wave.
  • Added missing Beard Hair Rug recipe description.
  • Fixed bug with Brightshade Staff incorrectly triggering character buffs for Wolfgang and Wigfrid.
  • Fixed planar creatures reducing more damage than intended.
    • Deadly Brightshade health increased to account for this adjustment.
    • Note that overall, it takes less hits to kill Deadly Brightshades now.

Missed from last patch notes:

  • Updated the Seaworthy Scale skin and original Scale Fish-o-Matic to have more details.

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