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[Game Update] - 517449

Release Date: 08/01/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Sprung traps will no longer be picked up with their contents and automatically reset.
  • Polly Rogers and Lazy Foragers will now share the same logic for what to pick up.
    • They will now check traps that have items in them.
    • They will no longer try to pick up Bundling Wraps or their papers.
    • They will no longer try to pick up any item that has a container.
      • Celestial Crowns, Tackle Boxes, etc.
    • They will try to not pick up the same item their owner is trying to pick up.
  • Polly Rogers will ignore hostile creatures if they are also invisible.

Bug Fixes

  • Polly Rogers will no longer get stuck trying to give the hat wearer an item when their inventory becomes full and will now drop it on the ground.
  • Polly Rogers will no longer get stuck in a fear state when running away from hostile creatures.
  • Fixed an issue with Mushroom Planters and Horticultural books resulting in infinite harvests.
  • Fixed an issue with Pyrokinetics Explained creating fireproof objects.

Notes for Modders

  • TUNING.POLLY_ROGERS_RANGE has been added which is similar to TUNING.ORANGEAMULET_RANGE in functionality.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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