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[Game Update] - 515924

Release Date: 07/19/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Added a limit to the amount of Grumble Bees Wickerbottom can have summoned at a time.
  • The Lunar Grimoire can no longer be read in the caves.
  • Cave Holes will now try to actively remove players on top of them.
  • Wortox Map Soul Hops:
    • Now have a visual indicator on the map for soul requirement thresholds.
    • Now have an increased efficiency of 90% range, up from 80%.
      • This is more in line with how far players can go using the mouse out of the map.
    • Hops that would need more than 20 souls now accept 20 souls as enough for the hop.
      • This does not happen for 19 or less souls.
  • Wortox free Soul Hops:
    • The action string now reflects the different state to help guide usage of it.
    • The timer had its colour adjusted for players with deuteranopia.
      • Please let us know if there are still visual clarity issues!
  • The Wortox who deals the killing strike is guaranteed at least one soul.
    • This is intended to help prevent fighting for nearby souls when souls are being created but prevents boss soul drops from being fully claimed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Map getting stuck being visible when changing to and from Wonkey.
  • Fixed screen and HUD flicker sometimes during Wonkey transformations.
  • Fixed bug where Wonkey transformation may get stuck while mounted.
  • Fixed Wortox Map Soul Hop camera snapping not working properly.
  • Fixed Wortox Soul Heal mistakenly trying to heal Wanda players.
  • The Horticulture books are now able to grow lichen and figs again.
  • Fixed the placement animation for the Bookcase.
  • The Everything Encyclopedia buff will be properly consumed when crafting structures.
  • Fixed bug causing The Everything Encyclopedia buff to be consumed when crafting ingredients that don’t require the buff.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when crafting.
  • The Palmcone Tree now grows to its last stage when using the Silviculture Book.
  • Fixed an issue with Killer Bee Hives and other spawning prefabs trying to target invincible players.
  • Fixed Boat Cannons, Directional Signs, and Winona’s Catapult sometimes not loading with the correct orientation when placed on rotated Boats.
  • Fixed sounds not playing when placing Boat Bumpers.
  • Fixed items picked up into the active item slot visually appearing from random spots on the screen and not playing sounds.
  • Fixed Wortox being able to hold more than 20 souls if the souls were going directly into the active item slot.
  • Fixed several bugs that occurred when teleporting off a boat.

Notes for Modders:




  • Added mod release id R23_REFRESH_WICKERBOTTOM.
  • Boat Bumpers use TUNING.MAX_WALKABLE_PLATFORM_RADIUS instead of TUNING.BOAT.RADIUS to allow them to work with bigger boat mods.



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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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