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[Game Update] - 513864

Release Date: 07/05/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Bug Fixes

  • Emergency Exit skin merged into the Scrap Metal Boat skin. Players that own the Emergency Exit skin will have it removed from their inventory, and replaced with 1,350 Spools.
  • The Lazy Forager will no longer pick up cursed items.
  • Fixed Pigmen and Merms going invisible when frozen.
  • Fixed Powder Monkey’s non stolen items showing in the stash.
  • Fixed Cannonballs spawning in the world when loading them into Boat Cannons.
  • Fixed Wurt’s tail from showing incorrectly in their Swashbuckler head skin.
  • Fixed Wortox’s tail in his Sea-Frayed Pants.
  • Removed duplicate crafting items from the Cawnival crafting recipes.
  • Fixed moving around when the map and crafting menu both are open with a controller.
  • Fixed a possible conflict with mods and becoming Wonkey.
  • Fixed Rudder placement animation.
  • Fixed an animation skip with characters tails.
  • Fixed a rare worldgen issue creating 0% durability traps.
  • Fixed some crashes with the pirate stash.
    • Debug print statements have been included to help track down more for the time being. Please report any crashes on the bug tracker with logs!
  • Fixed a crash related to boat bumpers.
  • Updated Wonkey UI art to display the new versions.

Notes For Modders

  • Spoiler


    • TileManager.AddTile’s turf_def now has 4 more parameters for finer control on turf creation for non-conformant assets. See prefabs/turfs.lua for its direct usage.
      • bank_override : Forces inst.AnimState:SetBank(X).
      • build_override : Forces inst.AnimState:SetBuild(X).
      • animzip_override : Forces Asset ANIM to anim/X.zip.
      • invicon_override : Forces Asset INV_IMAGE to turf_X.



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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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