[Game Update] - 513098

Release Date: 06/28/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Reloading Cannons via dropping a stack of Cannonballs onto them won’t return the Cannonballs back into the player’s inventory.
    • This is to make it easier to load multiple Cannons without wanting to aim them afterwards. The Right-click to reload Cannons for faster aiming & shooting made this redundant.
  • Increased Cannonball damage to 200 (direct hit) / 120 (splash damage)
  • Adjusted Boat Magnets to follow beacons better.
  • Pirate Powder Monkeys steal without doing damage now to make non aggressive solutions more approachable.
  • Pirate Raids scale a little with the age of the world

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Ocean Trawler animations for when it simulates catching fish.
  • Fixed missing art on Willow’s default skin.
  • Fixed being able to reload Cannons while they’re on fire.
  • Fixed Ocean Trawlers being too close for controllers to place.
  • Fixed Woby and Abigail duplicating when transforming to Wonkey.
  • Fixed Wanda’s age cycles breaking when transforming from Wonkey.
  • Fixed character specific equipment items disappearing when transforming to Wonkey.
  • Fixed Wonkey missing cuffs during their custom idle animation.
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck as Wonkey with no more cursed items.
  • Fixed Maxwell’s Shadows and Merms chopping, mining or shovelling Cawnival structures.
  • Fixed Merms having their equipment disappearing when going back to their homes.
  • Fixed Meat Effigy and Debuffable states not transferring to and from Wonkey.
  • Fixed several bugs allowing boats to be placed in places where they don’t fit.
  • Fixed a typo in Wendy’s speech descriptions.
  • Fixed a case with carrying too many cursed items at once.
  • Fixed a bug where boat magnet beacons showed the wrong inventory icon when not paired with a magnet.
  • Fixed incorrect animations for when Wolfgang carried oversized rotten tomatoes and watermelons, adjusted shadows and oversized asparagus location.
  • Fixed Snowfallen Wolfgang moustache not being visible when moving upwards.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to the Sea Fishing Rod Bobber.
  • Fixed a crash related to c_freecrafting Potter’s Wheel.
  • Polly Roger won’t get trapped in bird traps now. She’ll avoid things set as bait.

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