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[Game Update] - 512556

Release Date: 06/22/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Polly Roger will now drop its inventory when flying away.
  • Frazzled Wires added to the drops of Broken Machinery.
  • Added Wonkey minimap icon.
  • Adjusted Ocean Trawler action distances.
    • Players should have a much better experience interacting with the Ocean Trawler.
  • Added Crustashine sounds.
  • Added Wonkey ghost sounds.
  • General sounds cleanup.
  • Merm King trades have Gnomes replaced with Hardened Bungs.
  • Monkeytails can now be dug up with the Shovel.
  • Monkeytails will now require fertilising after 5 to 7 harvests.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed another character transformation crash
  • Used boat patches no longer block dropping of items.
  • Wonkey idle animations no longer generate errors in logs.
  • Polly Roger can now correctly fly over the ocean.
  • Fixed a crash with Antlion spike attacks.
  • Fixed some cases with docks leaving entities on the water when destroyed.
  • Fixed animation bugs with the Monkeytails.
  • Fixed a broken image for Fairy Glom.
  • Fixed a crash when Pirate Boats sink into the ocean.
  • Fixed a bug when collecting an Accursed Trinket while holding an Accursed Trinket as the cursor with a full inventory.
  • Fixed some strange behaviours with Polly Roger.
  • Fixed lowered trawlers being able to put items into it.
  • Fixed Lureplant giving out unlimited leafy meats with the Cutless.
  • Fixed a difference in boat_cannon and boat_cannon_kit recipes.
  • Fixed a bug causing the monkey queen to show raw bananas when given cooked bananas.
  • Fixed spewing out debug data for maze creation during worldgen.
  • Fixed Ocean Trawler preserving all food to now only preserve fish in its nets.
  • Fixed Bumpers not being able to be targeted for certain actions.
  • Fixed Bumper deployment with controllers.
  • Dropped Cannonballs will now play the correct animation on land, and sink in water.
  • Bunny men and Pig Men will fight pirates on sight.
  • Fixed some Powder Monkey hit reaction animations.
  • Fixed fish not eating bait items inside Ocean Trawlers if they are able to.
  • Fixed Ocean Trawler still baiting fish when pulled up out of the water.
  • Fixed splitting and joining of cursed trinkets causing more stacks of curse to apply.

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