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[Game Update] - 498339

Release Date: 03/09/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Beta Hotfix


  • Restored click-to-move to continue moving while the chat, player listing, and map screens are open.
  • The camera can now be rotated while the crafting menu is open
  • Pressing Spacebar is now supported while the crafting menu is open
  • Crafting Controller Support
    • D-pad left and right now toggles between skins
      • However, there is a bug in this build that prevents crafting skins with the controller, there is already a fix ready for the next hotfix. 
    • D-pad up and down are now be used to scroll the recipe grid if there are more than 3 rows of craftable items (this is to allow the shoulder buttons to rotate the camera)
    • Right stick up will now enter the pin bar from the inventory if no other containers are open.
    • Right stick down will now exit the pin bar and return to the inventory bar
  • While the crafting menu is open, pressing Esc will now close the crafting menu without opening the pause menu.
  • Experimenting with new filter icons
  • Added a new sorting option “Favorite” that will prioritize favorited recipes within the selected filter.
    • Note: There is currently a bug with the favorites filter showing items twice when using Favorites sort mode
  • Added some items into crafting filters
    • Fashion and Desert Goggles added to Summer Items.
    • Rain Coat added to Winter Items.
    • Tin Fishin' Bin added to Fishing
  • Removed from crafting filters
    • Rain Coat removed from Summer Items.
  • Restored Red Firecrackers giving 3 per craft.
  • Restored Thulecite Walls Giving 6 per craft.
  • The Sculpting Table and Cartography Station now have special “Research at” action strings.


  • Upon reviewing the motivation behind losing might when getting hit, we have decided that it was not achieving its purpose, and when comparing him to other characters it was deemed unnecessary. Therefore, it has been removed. 
  • The rate the Woflgang passively loses might has been increased. 
  • Only wimpy Wolfgang will use the punch animation when attacking with dumbbells.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Wolfgang continued lifting weights after unequipping a dumbbell.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wolfgang's mightiness to reset to 50 if you went to the caves with full mightiness.
  • Fixed a bug causing characters to not say the hound warning string.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed varglets to improperly spawn on the water.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to attack across the void with melee weapons that have a range longer than normal.
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from the server or going to a different world would prevent hounds waves/depth worm waves from spawning.
    • While we always want feedback about our game, we recognise that this isn’t everyone's favourite mechanic, and as such if you don’t like hound waves or depth worm waves, you can always change their spawning properties in the world settings for your world.
  • Fixed a bug that made Farm Soil prevent Toadstool from spawning Sporecaps.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tin Fishin Bins to be placed as close to other structures as they previously could.
  • Fixed the Drying Rack requiring an Alchemy Engine.
  • Fixed a bug preventing prebuilt structures that were crafted with free crafting to be unable to be placed when freecrafting was turned off.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Chat UI to appear in front of the Crafting UI.
  • Changed Blocky Ruins fade out effect.


  • Crafting Menu
    • The second return value in PlayerController:IsEnabled() should now correctly indicate when the player can perform limited actions, such as movement while the crafting menu is open. (fingers crossed)
    • PlayerHud:IsCraftingBlockingGameplay() should no longer be needed and is now unsupported.
    • Deleted the function PlayerHud:IsCraftingAllowingGameplay()
  • Loading tips
    • SetLoadingTipCategoryIcon(<tip_category>, <atlas>, <icon>) changes the icon displayed beside the loading tip text.
      • <tip_category> is a string name representing the tip category of the icon to replace. Refer to LOADING_SCREEN_TIP_CATEGORIES in constants.lua for a list of tip categories.
      • <atlas>, <icon> are strings representing the image from a .tex file to use as the tip icon.
      • Note that icon assets must be pre-loaded. To do so, create an asset table in modmain.lua the same way you normally would, but call the table PreloadAssets instead of  Assets then call ReloadPreloadAssets()

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