[Game Update] - 460966

Release Date: 04/21/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Added a new graphics setting Threaded Render, which will improve FPS in most cases.
  • Greatly improved performance for worlds with lots of lights in the world.
  • Moongleams won’t break walls now.
  • The Enlightened Crown can now be deconstructed.

Bug Fixes

  • Wagstaff can no longer be teleported when interacting with the Celestial Champion.
  • If wastaff is teleported during the containment event, the event will no longer break.
  • The Celestial Champion can no longer be teleported off of the Lunar Island.
  • Mutant Birds fade properly on death.
  • Fixed a bug causing nightmare creatures to spawn inside the “calm” or “warn” phase of the ruins.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Celestial Sanctum to have no mini map icon.
  • State of the Celestial Altars will load properly now.
  • Fixed the examine string on the Astroggles.
  • Fixed a bug causing server mods to not load if steam took a long time to log in.

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