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[Game Update] - 460309

Release Date: 04/15/21

Update Information:

Hi everyone, it's time for the next Return of Them Beta: Eye of the Storm.

You can learn how to enter the beta here.

Feel free to report bugs in our bug tracker sub forum.

ROT: Eye of the Storm Update Notes:


  • Added the Moonstorm event

Completion of the Celestial Altars brings a flood of energy causing great moonstorms burst into the constant. 

New items can be found in the moonstorms such as:
* Moongleams
* Infused Moon Shards
* Energetic Static
* Moonblind Crows
* Misshapen Birds
* Other mysteries.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing stuff to drop off boats during lag or an autosave.
  • Lichen can now be fed to beefalo, pigs, ect.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash if you hovered over the mole trail fx while holding the beefalo bell.
  • Fixed a bug causing the spawning time to not queue for a number of things (Wobster Den, Splumonkey Pods, ect) if they were offscreen when the spawn time finished.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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