[Game Update] - 452698

Release Date: 02/22/21

Update Information:

The Beta Branch is open again, this time with the March QoL changes.

Although this is not a Return of Them update we will be using the Don't Starve Together: Return of Them bug tracker and forums for this beta. The "Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta\" folder will also be used for all save data.

This update contains some changes to world options, they have been split into two categories, world settings (things affect the world after it has been generated), and world generation options (things that affect world generation). By default, saving and loading presets will work as before, or can choose to unlink the world settings and generation options and manage their presets separately. If you host a dedicated server, the method for applying world options is unchanged and will continue to work just fine.

You can follow the directions here to join the beta.


  • Containers can now be opened by multiple players at the same time.
  • All actions can be repeated by clicking and holding the action button.
  • All crafting recipes can be repeated by double clicking and holding the crafting button.
  • Setting world generation options to “More” will no longer generate more of that object in every biome, it will now only generate more of that object in biomes where that object already exists.
  • World settings can now be changed after a world has been generated.
  • The preset menu has been overhauled to allow custom presets to be named.
  • Added over 20 new world generation options.
  • Added over 50 new world settings.
  • The server commands menu (eg. roll back, regenerate the world, etc) is now accessible via the “Server Commands” button in the not-a-pause pause menu.
  • The rescue command has been added to the Server Commands menu.
  • The player listing screen (scoreboard) can now also be accessed via the not-a-pause pause menu
  • Added world settings to assist players when joining someone’s server. These settings should only have an impact on public servers. If you are locally hosting your own private world that only you and some friends play on, your experience will not be affected.
    • Extra Starting Resources. New players joining a world after day 10 will start with a few extra resources to make up for the starting area being most likely picked clean. 
    • Seasonal Starting Items. New players joining a world that is not in autumn will receive a basic seasonal clothing item to help them survive long enough to get started.
    • Griefer Spawn Protection. When a player spawns in, if there are too many structures near the spawn point or if there are hostile creatures, the player will gain a temporary buff that allows them to walk through structures and prevents them from being targeted.
    • Drop Items on Despawn. Sets whether a player will drop only irreplaceable items or drop all their items when they leave the server.

Bug Fixes

  • Ice now floats
  • Lesser Glow Berries now have a different animation on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug causing birchnut trees to update when they shouldn’t.

Notes For Modders

  • The worlddeciduoustreeupdater component is now deprecated
  • You can see this post for the modding api changes made in this update.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.