[Game Update] - 445609

Release Date: 12/16/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • The watering cans will now put out all nearby fires and be used to rejuvenate withered bushes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed The Lord of the Fruit Flies sometimes not doing anything when spawned.
  • Fixed the plant nutrients stress test from always passing when the ground type is not farming soil.
  • Wormwood and Wurt no longer suffer a sanity drain for wearing wet items.
  • Improved heavy lifting visuals for Giant Onions and Giant Corn.
  • Fixed weighing Giant veggies not storing the heaviest veggie in your Plant Registry (Unfortunately this change is not retroactive, so you’ll need to re-weigh them for this to take effect).
  • Fixed Esc having inconsistent behavior on the Plant Registry.
  • Fixed unicode text not rendering correctly on some Linux computers.

Notes for Modders:

  • The finiteuses component will now add and remove the tag “usesdepleted”.
  • The wateringcan component has been removed from the game.

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