[Game Update] - 438711

Release Date: 11/05/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a client exploit that allowed players to perform actions when they are out of range from the target object.
  • Fixed the Astral Detector from trying to dig something it can’t.
  • Fixed Astral Detectors digging up the same item multiple times.
  • Improved resolution for Mushy Cake, Amberosia, and Milkmade Hat.
  • Fixed a crash involving the Vitreoasis sounds.
  • Fixed viewing profiles in the Bans Popup not getting the correct profile.

Changes to the Astral Detector:

  • Reduced light during idle (when it has nothing left to find)
  • Uses are consumed after scanning, including when nothing is left to find.
  • The recipe now uses 1 Thulecite instead of 2 Thulecite Fragments

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