[Game Update] - 383468

Release Date: 12/02/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Return of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Server stability improvements and fixed some client exploits
  • Fixed a bug in the AI’s fleeing and wandering behaviours 
  • Fixed a problem with Anchors reeling forever
  • Skittersquid no longer get wet
  • Skittersquid can’t be interacted with while underwater
  • Added Skittersquid examine strings
  • Fixed a crash in Skittersquid herding
  • Fixed some bugs where characters wearing the Clever Disguise were not considered a merm
  • Removed Freshwater Fish from the DIY Royalty Kit construction project
  • Reduced the number of Freshwater Fish required to build the Craftsmerm House
  • Sailing music uses music volume setting properly
  • Fixed animations when using a Gnarwail Horn while riding a Beefalo
  • Live fish now expire into fish meat, instead of rotten fish
  • Fish Meat now spoils into Spoiled Fish. Fish Morsel now spoils into Spoiled Fish Morsel.
  • Dead eels now expire into Spoiled Fish
  • Murdered fish now provide souls for Wortox
  • Gnarwails will no longer follow you through Worm Holes

Controller support for the Sea Fishing Rod has begun but is still a work in progress. There is no need to log bugs on it at this time. Thanks.

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