[Game Update] - 367449

Release Date: 09/12/2019

Update Information:



  • In addition to Werebeaver, Woodie now has two new transformations that specialize in different things, such as combat and locomotion.
  • A random transformation can be triggered by repeatedly consuming Monster Meat (or prepared dishes like Monster Lasagna).
  • A specific transformation can be triggered by consuming one of the three new craftable idols made with Monster Meat.
  • The Log Meter has been replaced with a Were-Meter that appears only during Woodie’s were-forms.
  • The Were-Meter drains constantly, and Woodie reverts to Human form once it runs out.
  • Performing specific actions will extend Woodie’s time in each were-form.
  • During fullmoon, Woodie is forced into a random transformation (once per fullmoon), and the Were-Meter drains at half the speed.
  • Reduced Woodie’s sanity drain while in were-form.
  • Woodie no longer gains sanity when planting trees.
  • Woodie no longer needs to eat wood.
  • Woodie has a 50% higher chance to spawn Treeguards and Poison Birchnut Trees.
  • Werebeaver no longer spawns Treeguards and Poison Birchnut Trees.
  • Like the Werebeaver, all new were-forms gain night vision and some weather resistance.
  • Woodie can now view the Map while transformed.

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