[Game Update] - 363698

Release Date: 08/28/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Players can no longer craft or perform other actions while hopping on and off boats
  • Wortox will no longer drown when acquiring too many souls while hopping on or off of a boat
  • Boats can no longer be placed overhanging the waterfalls
  • Fixed a flicker when opening the map for the first time (and after using the Pitchfork)
  • One more save/load fix for masts built on land
  • The Suspicious Marble will no longer be trapped inside the Sculpture’s physics when mined. For worlds where this was a problem, the Suspicious Marble piece will be moved beside the Marble Sculpture.
  • Added sounds for the Flare
  • Added Anchor art for to represent how deep the Anchor was dropped.
  • Fixed a rowing controller bug
  • Notes for Modders:
    • Fixed Story:_FindStartingTask default return value 
    • storygen.lua now returns the Story class
    • GetPlatformAtPoint now accepts the parameters (x, z) and (x, y, z) 

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