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[Game Update] - 205256

Release Date: 02/01/17

Update Information:




  • Search the desert for new surprises hidden inside the Sandstorm during summer.
  • Pay tribute to the Antlion to prevent Sinkholes above ground and Cave-ins underground, as well as earn other rewards.
  • Added Desert Goggles, a must have when walking into a Sandstorm.
  • Added The Lazy Deserter, a magical device used for teleporting players to each other.
  • Added /sit and /squat emotes.


Please note that you will need to start a new world for the new desert biome, Sandstorms, and Antlion.  This also means that Sinkholes and Cave-ins will not affect existing worlds.  We’ll provide more information later, on how to manually add the new content to existing worlds.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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