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[Game Update] - 195879

Release Date: 11/03/16

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Added new battle music for Bee Queen.
  • Beekeeper Hat now works against Bee Queen attacks.
  • Increased durability of Beekeeper Hat.
  • Reduced attack range of Bees and Mosquitos.
  • Adjusted Royal Jelly food values.
  • Eating multiple Jellybeans will now extend the duration of its effects with diminishing returns.
  • Jellybeans no longer spoil.
  • Icons for food items that do not spoil (such as candy) will now always have a full green background.
  • Note for modders: stewer component now supports products that do not perish (set the food’s perishtime to nil).
  • Opal Staff placed in the Moon Stone will properly give off a sanity aura.
  • Hammering a Wood Gate will now return correct resources.
  • Increased priority and reduced range on using spacebar to open Gates.
  • Fixed action string for closing Gates.
  • Fixed targeting issues when using a controller.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when a Player dies with the Jellybean buff still active.
  • Fixed crash when decorating the End Table with a Lesser Glow Berry.

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