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[Game Update] - 193468

Release Date: 10/16/16

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Sculpted Figures can now be carried to and from the Caves. Watch your step!
  • Sketches will no longer drop from your inventory when disconnecting or traveling to and from the Caves.
  • Tumbleweeds now have a chance to drop Pawn, Queenly, and Kingly Sketches.
  • Added new Rook and Knight Trinkets.
  • Chess Trinkets can now be traded to the Pig King for Sketches.
  • Dragonfly pathing is no longer affected by Walls.
  • Disease will neither trigger nor spread off-screen now.
  • Drastically decreased the rate at which disease spreads.
  • Rebalanced Mushroom Planter recipe cost and growth rate.
  • Fixed a bug with Fossil Fragment interactions.
  • Cave Worm Attacks can now be customized in Cave World Settings.
  • Fixed rare crash in mods menu.
  • Fixed a crash with some mods while Small Textures is enabled.
  • Fixed animation layering when carrying a heavy object and wearing a hat while mounted.

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