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[Game Update] - 191604

Release Date: 09/26/16

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fixed bug where Toadstool may never wake up after being put to sleep.
  • Fixed bug where Toadstool may get stuck if put to sleep while roaring.
  • Toadstool battle has been retuned:
    • Removed the 5 minute time limit for escaping from battle.
    • Added an escape warning when losing aggro.
    • Removed the 5x vulnerability while powering up.
    • Reduced maximum health by about 5x.
    • Gains additional armor while powered up.
  • Ocuvigil can now be prototyped from a Prestihatitator instead of a Shadow Manipulator.
  • Added sound effects for Scarecrow, Mushlight, and Glowcap.
  • Spores will spoil more slowly while in your inventory or a container.
  • Light sources will now last longer when placed inside to power a Mushlight or Glowcap.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting Blueprints.
  • Fixed rare bug where Dragonfly and Toadstool loot could be lost if the server shuts down during the death animation.
  • Bird Guano and Treeguards will now save their size properly.

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