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[Game Update] - 186449

Release Date: 08/02/16

Update Information:


  • Movement prediction can now be toggled in the options screen.
  • Improved controller targeting priority for items dropped under the spawn portal, as well as for ghosts trying to target the portal for resurrection in Endless mode.
  • Improved controller targeting priority for opening gifts at Science Machines placed near walls.
  • Haunted Spider Dens will no longer target Players or other Spider Dens.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where tied votes may still pass.
  • Fixed bug where haunting Twiggy Trees may trigger Treeguards to spawn.
  • Fixed bug where Birchnut Tree Trunks did not spread fire while burning.
  • Fixed bug where burnt Meat Effigies could still catch on fire.
  • Clicking outside the Pause Menu will now close the window properly.
  • Mod user commands with aliases should now load correctly.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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