[Game Update] - 174200

Release Date: 04/19/2016

Update Information:

Ooooooh, it's almost time to leave early access! But we've got one more update to squeak out just before then:

This update contains the first peek at content which evolves the world. Introducing: Resource Variants. A few of the basic resources (grass, berries, twigs, and trees/rocks) now have alternate versions which require different approaches and play patterns to use effectively.

Each time you start the game now, you'll get a random selection of the alternate resources, which will replace some of the original resources. This means you'll have to pay attention to what is (or isn't!) in the world and adapt accordingly.

As well, over the seasons, resources will occasionally die off and be replaced by their alternate. In this way, the look and texture of the world will shift over multiple seasons and years.

This first batch of variants affects only a small number of the basic resources, so that we can test the system out and see what's working and what isn't. It's focused primarily on the very early game, so we'd love your feedback on how this feels!

Now go eat a juicy berry. :)

    Change List:


    • Inspecting Player Skeletons will now display details about their character from just before their death (Only applies to new skeletons spawned after the update)
    • Type /bug in chat or press the new button in the Pause Menu to quickly get to the Bug Forums
    • If you ever end up in the ocean for some reason, type /rescue in chat to teleport yourself back onto land
    • Added the Resource Variant system (for newly generated worlds) that adds random variety to the world:
      • New Grass variant: Grass Gekko
      • New Twig variant: Twiggy Tree
      • New Berry Bush variant: Juicy Berry Bush
      • New Rock variant: Petrified Tree
    • Character portraits are now dynamically loaded to save memory
    • Credits screen animations are now dynamically loaded to save memory


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug where rain sounds under tree cover were not being affected by Ambient volume setting
    • Fixed bug with selecting clothing options in the Lobby screen when the sim is paused
    • Fixed crash when loading some mods on the Server Creation screen

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