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[Game Update] - 550670

Release Date: 03/29/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Updated the simplified Chinese translation (ALL).
  • Some actions can now be repeated by holding down the mouse buttons (ALL).
  • Stacking items in the active slot now plays the item pick sound (ALL).
  • Killing a Baby Water Beefalo now increases the player's naughtiness (SW).
  • Chest of the Depths, Steamer Trunk and Octopus Chest are no longer burnable (SW).
  • Neon Quattro and Tropical Bouillabaisse will lower the player's temperature by more points than before (SW, HAM).
  • Claw Palm Sapling can be used as fuel now (HAM).
  • Mushrooms can be found in Cave Clefts (HAM).
  • Gnat Mounds now have a chance to drop Nitre (HAM).
  • Ball Pein Hammer can now remove gems from Ancient Statues (HAM).

Bug Fixes:

  • Introduced during the beta:
    • Fixed unequipping a Moggles or Cowl during a lightning strike at night causing the night to become as bright as day (ALL).
    • Fixed a crash related to visual effects (Base).
    • Fixed a crash caused by Boomerangs (Base, RoG).
    • Fixed Luxury Fan and Tropical Fan sound not stopping sometimes, when played on a boat (RoG, SW, HAM).
    • Fixed characters other than Wickerbottom not having quotes for the book Joy of Volcanology (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed Suspicious Stones activating with items stored in Ro Bin (HAM).
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in quotes and recipe descriptions (ALL).
  • Fixed the cave Rope using quotes for the closed BFB cave Rope (ALL).
  • Fixed fires caused by Willow reappearing after save-load (ALL).
  • Fixed armor effects activating even if the attack hits a mounted beefalo (ALL).
  • Fixed Smolders persisting between save-loads and acting weird afterwards (RoG, SW).
  • Fixed Doydoys continuing to make the mating sound after animation ends (SW).
  • Fixed Vipers attacking right after spawning (HAM).
  • Fixed Wormwood missing quote for Swinesbury Academy (HAM).
  • Fixed Hay Fever staying active after world jumping (HAM).
  • Fixed Pikos trying to steal backpacks (HAM).
  • Fixed being able to teleport Iron Hulk pieces to interiors (HAM).

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