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[Game Update] - 548351

Release Date: 03/17/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • The Ancient Guardian's Pillars will be closer to the center of the arena now (ALL).
  • Ice, crops seeds, jungle tree seed, Mant Suit and Tin Suit now float (SW, HAM).
  • Halbers now cost 10 oincs instead of 15 (HAM).
  • Chill Amulet has had its price reduced, for real this time (HAM).
  • Decreased the distance that the BFB does not land / go away near water and world edges (HAM).

Bug Fixes:


  • Introduced during the beta:
    • Fixed the drop item from inventory feature not working when the player has an item on the cursor (ALL).
    • Fixed the Ancient Guardian's jump crashing the game if it hit something (ALL).
    • Fixed not being able to give items to mobs or structures (SW).
    • Fixed floating teen Doydoys not playing their death animation and not dropping any loot (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed non-Woodlegs characters trying to say his quote upon discovering a treasure (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed an unintended increase in the time between sneezes caused by the Hay Fever (HAM).
    • Fixed a crash when trying to use the Slot Machine (HAM).
    • Fixed Claw Palm Tree Sapling not affecting Wormwood sanity (HAM).
    • Fixed Claw Palm Tree Sapling dropping more loot than it should when dug up (HAM).
    • Fixed Ends Well accepting unrecoverable items (HAM).
    • Fixed not being able to enter the Queen Womant Chambers (HAM).
  • Fixed Nightmare Fissures and Nightmare Lights opening and closing quickly after entering ruins and causing a desync between them (ALL).
  • Fixed followers not being removed from their leader when removed from the world. This should fix some followers' duplication issues (ALL).
  • Fixed items not remembering their previous inventory slot if previously stored in a backpack (ALL).
  • Fixed Spear, Insulated Pack, Campfire and Boulder ground alignment (ALL).
  • Fixed Ice having hail appearance (SW, HAM).
  • Fixed Sail Stick crashing the game when equipped outside Hamlet or Shipwrecked map (SW, HAM).
  • Fixed Mant warriors and Magiluminescence emitting light when in interiors when they shouldn't (HAM).
  • Fixed Wheeler's exclusive items deleting items stored in them when they are removed (HAM).
  • Fixed equipped Cowl not giving the player its vision effects after loading a world (HAM).
  • Fixed Crumbling Brazier’s fire being too far from the Brazier (HAM).
  • Fixed the medium Rainforest Tree not showing a piece of the trunk when chopped (HAM).
  • Fixed the player's face becoming invisible during the BFB grabbing animation, if wearing a hat (HAM).

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