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[Game Update] - 338264

Release Date: 05/29/19

Update Information:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash to desktop when dying in adventure mode
  • Fixed a graphic bug with the living artifact and loading a room. 
  • Fixed the Vortex Cloak from blocking crafting placement.
  • Royal Pig Guards will now walk to eat something outside their patrol range. 
  • Fixed howling conch wind and dripple pipe rain sometimes being prematurely interrupted by entering an interior.
  • Ancient Herald should not spawn in player home anymore
  • Boats should not break anymore upon hitting shorelines with bear rug turf or dense turf
  • Werewilba can not unequip her fur anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed occasional crash when a panflute or howling conch ran out of durability.
  • The Aporkalypse Clock won’t freeze the game when the world is set to have no night time.
  • Queen Malfalfa is too important to pay for cleaning services
  • Piko’s will correctly show if they have or don’t have items in their cheeks.
  • Werewilba should not be able to enter doors behind suspicious cracks anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed some tinker shop deco item names.
  • When Werewilba picks up a trap with a rabbit, the rabbit shouldn’t disappear anymore.
  • Fixed a rare crash when playing the panflute in a boat
  • Fixed a rare crash in startup of newly generated Hamlet worlds
  • Jungle ferns are no longer highlighted as target when playing with controller
  • Fixed assert when taking Skyworthy to ROG into an interior in a world where it was raining when you left.
  • Fixed rare crash with showing item names. Possibly mod related.
  • Gnats won’t hog the target selection with controllers. 
  • Improved controller handling of “use item” conflicts (like eat/plant)

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