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[Game Update] - 327766

Release Date: 04/19/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed desync issues in Aporkalypse clock
  • Aporkalypse clock now shows the proper animation when saved during aporkalypse
  • You can't plant lureplant bulbs and jungle trees inside anymore
  • Fixed an animation glitch when Wilba returns from werepigism.

Beta specific fixes: 327761

  • Fixed Wagstaff and Wheeler’s art resolution
  • Ancient Hulk’s defeat will re-robot the world correctly now.
  • The Roc doesn’t like Wagstaff’s telebrella when he activates it.
  • The new flooring and wallpapers are now also available outside Hamlet
  • Fixed crash when planting a spiderden in an interior
  • Wagstaff's armored visor now also shows the overlay on reload
  • Fixed the potential massive slowdown when using rocks in the navigadget
  • The navigadget now activates when it is equipped on load.
  • The Parasol is always available to Wagstaff
  • Roads now properly respond to Wagstaff's heat vision

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