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[Game Update] - 300612

Release Date: 12/20/18

Update Information:

As mentioned in this post, the QOL update will be released in January due to some office downtime due to a seasonal cold going around and that it was a bit more difficult to port a couple of the features we wanted. But we do have some bug fixes we wanted to go out to you. 

Bug Fixes

  • Suspicious cracks were not meant to be axeable. They can’t be axed now.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some worlds to not have the herald pig ruins.
  • Fixed a save/load problem with the Aporkalypse Clock.
  • Fixup of worlds that were affected by the “disappearing suspicious crack” bug
  • Fixes for Linux sound
  • Potential fix for getting stuck outside walls when having followers

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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