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Art Asset Suggestions

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I'll start this off with a disclaimer. This post is not about a practical issue, though there are plenty of practical issues related to it, but for now it's just something I'd consider a good footnote for the end product once ONI is out of production and ready to be considered NON_V-Slice status. Honestly it feels done already but yeah, let's get to the point.

The scientist hat and the Jet-pack art asset and animations. Personally I feel like the animations for the hats are totally fine but similarly they could be indulged to a finger point of quality. I like the assets in the game for the way they seem consistent with themselves and the game overall but in this case the light-bulb harness for the scientists and the head mounted rockets seem exceptionally silly compared to the rest of the game. They stand out. The jetpack is a reused joke and the scientist hat feels like it's just trying to be something but isn't.

  • It's just a silly game. Who cares about that?


I hope someone cares a little. Maybe just a tiny bit.


  • It's not a big deal. The assets are less important.


Yes, they are. This is a footnote sort of thing. I like the idea of being able to make a suggestion that isn't critical or game changing so I'm doing it.


  • Do u liek tuhrtals?


Go drunk home, you're Fred.



* Science job hat: To keep it unique, how about glasses or a coat? Maybe even a hat with a magnifying glass. ( for the science table )

  • The white lab coat idea would be something harder to work in, involving new animations ( though the current ones don't exist for the sweaters or the suits yet either. ) [I know they do but in my game, the SU-291640 build, the dupes don't seem to animate properly as they just run in place.] Reusing that animation would probably be against the point of the special hat animation though. Throwing the coat on with one arm is more what I would imagine.

* The jetpack suit: Just thinking about it is interesting to me but the idea would just be to reduce the size of the object by shoving the pack on the back and using an animated gradient ( or just shrinking the fire propulsion asset ) to make it look like a back mounted jetpack.

  • What about visual cues that signal the dupe is in the suit?

Colour pallets. Unless custom colours are going to be a thing later? ( Please yes. ) Then textures.


In the end, all of this could be made epic with some kind of asset mixing tool in the world creation screen or perhaps in an option screen for the various docks. :D I've always wanted pink and I've always wanted to change the dupes clothing colours! X3


Thank you for reading my crap. It is appreciated. Diclaimer. I'm not a Klien employee or expert critique. I'm just saying what I've been thinking about since I first downloaded the game.

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