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Endothermic fire cooking mod

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That mod has been removed from the Steam Workshop. Its functionality can be achieved with a mod by adding the 'cooker' component to the 'coldfire' and 'coldfirepit' prefabs. A guide on how to do this is as follows:

  1. Right click "Don't Starve Together" in your steam library and then click on "Properties".
  2. Go under the "LOCAL FILES" tab and then click "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...".
  3. Open the "mods" folder and then create a new folder inside it.
  4. Create two new text documents inside the new folder and rename them to 'modinfo.lua' and 'modmain.lua'.

Put the following code into the modinfo file, fill in the quotation marks with what you want the name, description, and author to be.

name = ""
description = ""
author = ""
dst_compatible = true

Put the following code into the modmain file.

function MakeCooker(inst)

AddPrefabPostInit("coldfire", MakeCooker)
AddPrefabPostInit("coldfirepit", MakeCooker)


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