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Blurry/Pixelated SCreen+UI

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I've been having this issue for several months now, My biggest assumption as to what has happened is that I unsubscribed a couple of mods and that caused the game to break like this, the UI is so blurry that I can't even read it. and it's extremely frustrating when it comes to actually trying to play the game. 

I have tried 

- Verifying the integrity 

- Deleting save files on my computer 

- Turning off the cloud

- Updating steam/DS constantly 

- Changing in game settings 

-Uninstalling/reinstalling the game and dlcs 

- Updating my computer 

- Updating my graphics card(didn't work since my current one lost support/not available for some reason?)

I dont want to end up buying another copy of this game just bc the graphics are glitchy is there ANY other way to fix this? 


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