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In Hamlet, I move around the worlds of ROG  and SW. Everytime I come back to Hamlet from ROG or SW, a HUUUUUUGE Bat Wave comes instantly and it's impossible to deal with. There are about 50 flying monsters (49 bats and 1 ROC), and 10 of the bats are aggroed to me and they won't go away whatsoever. The only way to deal with this bat wave is to DIE. It's the only option. This happened to me everytime I come back to Hamlet after traveling to another world and staying there a bit long. (In SW I stayed 20 days and in ROG I stayed about 10-15 days). (Besides, I already had hound waves and crocodile waves in those worlds, so bat waves should not pile up and come at once) At least I had Snake King Flower to regenerate, otherwise I would have died and cried. Please fix this insane Bat Wave Bug. I'm scared to travel to another world because of this.


P.S. Not replacing stolen items is to much of a penalty. Please reconsider. 


P.P.S. Thanks for this wonderful game. Love you, Klei.


Please watch the video to the below link. (Beware, it will be painful)


(Bat Wave Attack 4:47:00 ~ 4:58:43)











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