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Help with control bug

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I'm currently using an Acer Chromebook, it's not great but it gets the job done, and I recently purchased Pocket Edtion on the Google Play Store.
When I tried to play it, it defaulted to Controller Controls and no matter what I do, I cannot get it to switch to Keyboard/Mouse or just out right Touch Controls. Please help me troubleshoot this.

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So, I figured out a very troublesome way to use A, singular in type, controller. My PS4 Controller is the only way for me to do pretty much anything such as use the crafting menu, organise my items (Kinda), and other things.
The current problem I face went from being unable to do anything in-game besides run around and die to run around and try so very hard to survive with extremely awful controls. 
When I use my PS4 controller, the D-Pad is pretty much the only thing that makes sense, The Right Stick is for pausing & Crafting, R2 is for the Pause Menu and L2 is the map and the Right Item button at the same time, plus the Inventory Bar is auto scrolling. So if I have to grab some food or an item, it becomes a game of Slots, just hoping I pass by the item I need and I'm mashing Square (Not X) to select it. (Note that I have to pause in order to even start this painful process in the first place of scrolling the Inventory Bar and opening the Map at the same time)


This is a very painful process to enjoy an otherwise fun game. Any help fixing this mess is still greatly appreciated.

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