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Give item skins for wigfrid

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Dear Klei,


If you have to choose between spending your time for adding item skins for wigfrid instead of rebalancing characters, adding content for the base game, new events or puzzles, choose any of the later options since in my opinion they are more important. The reason I am not making threads for this issues is that a lot have been made already and there is not much else I can add to the discussion.

If you have to choose between adding other skins instead of wigfrid item skins please choose the later option.

I was hoping some item skins for wigfrid would be added to the second version of forge after seeing the book skin for wickerbottom in the first and that's why it took me so long to make this post. I thought it was self explanatory why it should be done but I think this was the best opportunity to give her some item skins and unfortunately this opportunity is gone.


Reasoning/Arguments for and against.

1. Wigfrid's item are really efficient for their value. Her helmets are sturdier than the average football helmet.  If you have to choose between having x amount of football helmets or x amount of battle helms you just take the battle helms. They are also easy to make considering gold is so easy to acquire once you have found a pig king. Additionally even if her spears are easily outclassed by a mere fresh hambat (i usually use hambats even when i play as wigfrid) they are good weapon in  a pinch and fairly easy to make for yourself or a teammate. Having no skin options for them even though we have a bunch of skins for football hats and spears is annoying considering that what you lose in fashion is what you gain in optimal play.

2.Wigfrid's items are easily available to all. Very often in any team you will see a wigfrid mass producing helmets for her entire team and I have never seen in any of my playthroughs a wigfrid deny another player an item she can make if said player provides her the resources. Her helmets and spears are also useable by anyone unlike wickerbottom's/maxwell's books or wendy's flower.

3. It's just annoying of having so many football hats/spears options to choose from but instead having to go  for team unicorn because you don't want to waste pigskin/ have to go for a boss/ you are in ruins and just got the resources from a cavein.

4. Easy money. On the moment of writing this the second most pricey elegant is wigfrid's guest of honor at 16.21 euros. If you genuinely think that wigfrid mains at least will not buy this like its hotcakes on salty isle you are severely  mistaken.

Arguments against adding her skins

-Preferential treatment: You should have thought about that before releasing a book skin for wickerbottom. An item made by a single character and only used by her and maxwelll, which will stay on the ground, in a chest or a player's inventory for the entirety of the gameplay apart for a few moments when it is actually used. If you want to complain about preferential treatment complain about that book first.

-Exclusive item for wigfrids. 1. Wigfrid items can be used by any character that did not have their limbs and heads severed from their body (which during the time that I am writing this, as far as i know, is not a feature). And I have again never seen any wigfrid deny anyone some items provided she is given the materials.

If you are still gonna say well I play solo worlds and i want to get that specific skin that exists only for wigfrid, don't worry mate i got you sorted out. Get the skins for wigfrid's  items (they should be elegants based on klei's previous decisions but trust me they are worth it). Start the game as ANY character (i know it's shocking) do your normal playthrough, make the celestial portal and 2 of those character switching effigies, change character to wigfrid, mass produce beautiful skinned helmets from the rocks and gold you stockpiled in your playthrough, switch characters back to your original one and enjoy the spoils.

How to go about implementing this

Two options: 

1. Give her the same skiins that exist for spears and football helmets. You could avoid confusion by adding a colour tint when they are on the ground or in an inventory and you would avoid a lot of the unecessary complaining about exclusive skin items although as i said in the previous segment such arguments aren't very well thought out.


2. Give her new item skins like the nox helmet "wink wink". Which is strictly better than the horned helmet which exists for the football hat (and would make sense since battle helmets are mechanically better than football hats). I was hoping you could make her spears like the pith pike but you guys can come up with new spear ideas.



I love this game but it is annoying that I can't enjoy my favorite character without having to hide her skins with a helmet that says "pony fan club" (nothing wrong with that I am just not into it or a 5 year old girl), or enjoy the new spear skins i have while playing wigfrid. There are obvious ,as i said, in the disclaimer more important matters and issues with the game but this is the only one I do not see a lot of contribution too/ one where not everything has been said already.

Yours faithfully,



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