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Classified prefab has failed to be pushed into client

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I'm experiencing an issue after combining a mod(Gap) into my character mod
Codes were purely copy-pasted into the character mod and there were no issues in Gap.

There are some files based on in-game's writeable elements(writeable component and its replica, writeables, and writeable_classified) to make things like 'tag'.
The classified one is the problem. When this prefab spawns, it checks mastersim, if it's a client, calls OnReplicate function that shows screen.
But the screen simply doesn't show up Randomly. And this randomness makes me angry, hard to debug.
The prefab always spawns correctly in the server. But not in the client. 

I asked to Rezecib and he suggests me to move SetPristine() line or TheWorld.mastersim and neither works.
I think this classified prefab has failed to be pushed or be spawned at the first place in the client. And There's no way to debug this in script-side as far I know.

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