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console - teleport to house?

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I encountered a Ro Bin bug (duplicating robins and gizzards). I decided to tackle it by removing all gizzards from world by using console and then removing any leftover remaining Ro Bin... and I failed miserably, when by accident I removed door from a ruins I was exploring, rendering me unable to leave.

Since I am more of a newb when it comes to commands, is there one that would teleport me my house in town, or starting location, or anywhere at all?

I tried c_gonext("pickaxe"), since I was pretty sure I had a pickax at the house, but it did not help (It teleported me somwhere, still in those ruins, now I can not see my character, or any ground). Probably because being in the ruins, not in actual world, or house. Any ideas?

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I fixed it! (well, these particular ruins are still ruined (nice pun :D)).

In case anyone of You encountered such silly problem - here's what I did:

I assumed that place I want to teleport to has "exit" or "entrance" in prefarb name. And I assumed that "c_gonext("prefarb")" is my command of choice. As I mentioned, I tried to go to a pickaxe in the beginning. It probably worked, but it rendered my screen black - I couldn't see my character, or ground, or any itemm. That is because I teleported from inside to outside (or another inside) location. Teleportation like that did not trigger all scripts and actions that happen do draw the world and all objects. I learned that after I teleported to a prefarb "pig_ruins_exit2" and my screen showed rainforesty swamps overlay. Since I knew I had changed a location, and probably am next to door of some sort, I hit space, and boom!, my hero entered the ruins and properly spawned in a room.I used the door again and spawned outside, with world properly drawn. Knowing what I learned this way, I chose an item I knew was next to my house (a drying rack) and teleported to it. Since this time it was from one location outside to another location outsede, everything got properly drawn and I was saved.

I am going to mark my broken ruins with a warning sign now, hunt rest of Ro Bins scattered around the world, disappear them more carefuly and once I learn that whole gizzard stuff is fixed, I will give myself a new one :p


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