Don't Starve Together: The Forge 2018 - An in-depth guide


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So, over the past couple days, I have taken the liberty of typing up a rather extensive and in-depth guide focusing mostly on beginners.

What got me to put in the effort was the sheer toxicity that I saw in public rooms when people were clearly just new to the game mode.

I have briefly gone into a few of the more complex mechanics (such as healer helm swapping) and referenced quite a few quality posts I have read in these forums.

Due to the sheer size of the guide (>50k characters), and the fact I have written it with Reddit formatting, I will refrain from posting it as a whole here for now (maybe I will edit it in later).

I am no expert, and I would love some feedback and pointers on things that could be useful to change or add to the guide.

Here is the Reddit link for those interested in giving me some feedback or reading the guide themselves.

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