new seasons and characters ,

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i have to say sorry , but this is in current state awfully poor,


new season (humid) , while a nice fresh idea in principle this is so poorly done its madness , at 1 stage i had humid fog , couldn't barely move with or without backpack on(which by looks of it your trying to get rid of) , vampire bats attacking me all at the same time . 3 times i've died like this and i admit 1 was me not realising where i was trying to set up camp,i now turn this season off 100 percent of the time and screw what happens in that season because the fog and slowing you down to a snails crawl is stupid. 

The town is , well ...boring wow 4 shops and a few pigs to get oincs off , ummm ok .fun so its a trading game now lol


New character , the treasure hunter , wow hes bad , sanity drops without food in a crock pot ,um ok you cant do crockpot without the whole boring start to earn oincs , then sanity ONLY refills in terms of his perk with 10 plus oincs which by time you have them (even with the early razor from the balloon) takes a wee while , his sanity is 0 the bats again attack and the usual you have gone insane monsters ,



Poorly executed , poorly thought out and after hundreds of hours of sw and rog im going back to them and fully agree with the steam negative reviews(i admit there isn't that many) but this , this is poor

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I think he is a good character. You just have to use is hammer thingy to get relics and you have enough coins to stay sane. I always play him in hamlet ( i should switch X) ). and you dont need oincs for the crockpot coal is lieing arround in some places. i agree there is some stuff i think is not perfect or/and needs work but i fell your description is a bit radical and not that much helpfull i would not knew what they should improve to make it better based on this comment.

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