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Don't Starve, it's really an incredible game, for being 2D and in the cartoon version, its mechanics can be a bit difficult at first, but later it becomes simpler and the discovery not only of the surface world, but also of the ruins becomes simpler. Soon we have the option of constructions where we can abuse the creativity to create bases, decorations and among others.
For this same reason, in the usefulness of creativity, I want to suggest more structural options as they exist in Don't Starve Together, since not all players have multiplayer or maybe they do not like ... What limits players to take advantage of certain things that only Together can offer.
For example in my case, I play more in the Don't Starve solo, by my option, because it is what I like the most, but I would like to take advantage of certain things like the system to win costumes while playing and using the skins system commemorative dates such as Christmas, Halloween and others. And also, above all, more options of structures for construction, statues, walls, fences, gates ...
Another suggestion would be to put new scenarios in the ruins or perhaps new items, things like that, to have more things to discover and use.
I think the real goal was to be a solo game, but due to many requests it ended up becoming multiplayer as well, and the whole essence of the solo game goes away with each new update of Together ... So I'm commenting about these changes. (That last paragraph is just my opinion).

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