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Hello, I'm looking for high skilled Woodies to win The Forge with a full Woodie team. Yes it's possible, we'll just need to be smart and play together. The strat is quite simple : 

Pigs waves : Every Woodie dodges pigs and avoid taking damage, one can stun a lonely pig and kill it or run and throw Lucy.

Croco waves : The hardest one. 2 woodies keep Croco aggro and run, the others kill pigs first (taking damage), then all can stun crocos and kill them

Snortoises/Scorpeons waves : Just throwing Lucys, easy one

1st Borilla wave : One woodie stun Boarilla, one Woodie will join him and help to cancel Borilla's jump. The others clean mobs in distance. Everyone pray for healing crown drop. This will help to regen everyone's hp.

2nd Borilla wave : 1 running (and not attacking except to take aggro back) with one Borilla (to avoid Boarior to spawn too early). Same tactic as 1st wave for the 2nd Borilla and mobs. A lot of tempo to heal everyone with crown.

Boarior : Easy stun with everyone well coordinated. For pigs wave, one take Boarior alone and cancel his long rage attack, others clean pigs as in 1st pigs waves. They keep an eye on the runne to take aggro back of other pigs if needed. Just to be safe. One Woodie will be safe runner (he stays away and take aggro back if central woodie dies). Central woodie hits with sword. If he's gonna die, running woodie take boss away, central woodie gives his tank stuff to an other woodie and go to heal. Then running woodie brings back Boarior and it starts again.

Rhinos : One woodie cancel (just throw his axe to cancel boost). The others tank and cancel their attacks.

So if you want some challenge, join me and let's win this together. Of course this is a theoritical strategy, and I suppose can be improved.

My steam Name is Doudou81, you can add me and show me your interest for this challenge.



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After deeper reflexion, Boarior can be handle with one running woodie when it comes close to pigs wave. The others wait at pigs spawns (1 alone with wig spear, 2 on the others spawns) and clean them, avoding aggro on the runner and possible mess.

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